About Us

Few words about Our Cooperative


C.A.I.  Sonomoro Ltda., Was born as a result of the need to improve the quality of life of Peruvian coffee farmers in the department of Junín <Satipo, Pangoa and Mazamari, and encouraging the cultivation of alternative and demanded products such as coffee, within the area VRAEM, an area with perfect climate and soil for the production of coffee, from which coffee is exported in high quality green grains and in large volumes to all the world. 


At the moment work in a transparent and efficient with our 496 farmers partners duly certified in organic products (NOP-USDA / UE / RTPO), Fair Trade and C.A.F.E. Practices. We have social responsibility, since all our profit as a cooperative, are already aimed at improving the quality of our coffee from the place of production, providing technical advice to our coffee producers. 


The Cooperative is facing a new stage, being aware of the need to have a financing, since for the last two years bordering 1 million kilos commercialized. 

 Our vision for the future is to evolve positively, improve the management of internal and external logistics, get to associate 1,000 farmers by 2020 through an expansion process and thus make the effort of our dedication and dedication to all continents.


We are a cooperative producer and exporter of green coffee natural,, organic and sustainable, that adapts to the needs of the buyers and we are always in  constant innovation 


To be an exporting recognized inside the national and international market, in the heading  of organic coffees of high cup and that is always to the avant–garde of the conservation of the environment



Jhony Campos Montes
President of the Board Managenent

He has been a partner coffee grower for 5 years, starting his activities as Vice President and current President of the Cooperativa Agroindustrial Sonomoro Ltda. He also currently serves as mayor of the Center populated “Ciudad de Dios”.


Luis Solis Palomino
General Manager

Son of a coffee farmer, who worked in cooperative management for more than 15 years; with a technical career as an agronomist. It is characterized for being a leader with management capacity and administrative management, clear example: We are winners of the project PNIA (National Program of Agricultural Innovation) and Agroideas, programs that help improve the quality and productivity of partners.


Alex Samaniego Rojas
Traffic and Export Manager

Son of coffee growers and good connoisseur of coffee. International Business Manager, with specialization in supply chain management and experience in international logistics customs management.

Mauricio De la Cruz Casanova
Head of the Agricultural Technical Department

With more than 6 years of experience in technical advice on coffee and cocoa. Responsible for enforcing all the standards and technical regulations of the different certifications that have the “Cooperativa Agroindustrial Sonomoro Ltda” in the 496 coffee partners.

Ila Quispe Lamberto
Head of  Quality Control

With more than 6 years of experience in quality control of arabica coffees us Q grader. Of career Engineering agroreforestation. She is passionate about coffee.

She handles all the samples of all the coffees that enter our warehouse of our 496 agricultural partners.